Saturday, 11 June 2011

Ice Cream!

I have been a little absent. Lots going on. To tackle the mice problem we just had to get a kitten as nothing else worked. Along with Miss 21 months he is keeping me very busy. Here is a picture of him sleeping after I gave him a bath! Trust me, he needed it!

I made this ice cream before the start of Junk Free June. Although.. JFJ hasnt gone too well! Unexpectantly quickly we managed to sell our house and we've been going to viewings, cleaning and de-cluttering. The same day as we accepted the winning bid on the house we also had two viewings later on in the evening and we were so tired afterwards that take-out was the natural choice. So there went junk free june. We also celebrated the sale with a few squares of chocolate. Also, have been baking! Ah... well. But generally, junk free!

This is a vanilla and mango ice cream. No churn!

I found it on this blog and have been making it with many variations:

This time I added powdered vanilla and two ripe honey mangoes. Lovely!